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Forest Grove Historic Houses

Welcome to ViewHistorical, where every home is a museum and every homeowner a curator!

ViewHistorical was designed so that anyone with an interest in history can post time honored photos to a safe place and make them available to their community. It gets priceless photos out of the aging photo album or off the hard drive and into the hands of those interested in history. It's like a museum of really important images that are archived and retrieved according to the physical location the image was taken.

Getting started is simple and free. You can view photos that are already posted to ViewHistorical simply by entering a zip code and clicking on a pin point. It's that simple. When you upload your own images, you can either upload images as a logged in curator or as an anonymous contributor. Either choice allows you to upload photos to an address. However, if you log in first as a curator, you become the curator of that address. Curators have the advantage of being able to edit and delete written descriptions for that address.

In addition to the content, anyone can enter into a conversation about a photo using the blog.

We hope you will take advantage ViewHistorical. Together, we can rebuild our pictorial legacy before it is lost or damaged and be able to share those precious images with our family, friends and community. Enjoy!

Phil Clark